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Thread: I wish this resulted in electrocution

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    Default I wish this resulted in electrocution

    I often say something along the lines of "as a species, we are still pretty stupid" when talking about false beliefs, misconceptions, bad ideas, etc.

    This article is just more proof

    It's another one of those viral challenges, where kids (usually teens and tweens) are challenged to do certain things, some being very dumb such as the tide pod challenge, and a recent dipping your testicles in soy sauce (yes you read that right) challenge.

    This challenge is pretty new, and just as stupid as the tide pod challenge. It is to stick a phone charger part way into an electrical outlet, and then slide a coin through the middle. Obviously this results in both the positive and negatives coming into contact with each other which usually caused a "boom" and smoke, ban can of course present potential other, even lethal danger.

    In some sick way, I kind of hope some of the people doing this dumb stuff do get fatally electrocuted, it would remove them from the gene pool. I mean, they're literally playing with mains voltage level electricity, so play stupid games, win stupid prizes...

    Oh brother...

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    Yes, and it would make them eligible for a Darwin Award

    I understand that teenagers seem to feel invincible and certainly think that they are FAR smarter than everyone else, but sometimes I am amazed at the stupidity.

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    I still wouldn't wish electrocution on them, even if they are doing something stupid. I just wonder how kids come up with stuff like this.
    I don't want to live in a world that is linear.

    I just want everyone to understand that I am not a ukulele expert, even though it may look at times like I'm pretending to be.

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