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Thread: New Dasilva Tenor Ukulele for sale

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    Default New Dasilva Tenor Ukulele for sale - $2200

    The uke was completed on June 1, 2018. The body is Brazilian Rosewood, the headstock and rosette details are Snakewood. The soundboard is Adirondeck Spruce, fingerboard is Rosewood. The tuners are Gotoh UPTL.

    Dasilva custom made it to my specifications because I love the acoustic quality of B. Rosewood, and the aesthetics of Snakewood details. It is a 14-fret Tenor. I have played it, and the tone and action are beautiful.

    Reason for selling - the negative experience of waiting for 2 years after being promised time and again that the wait time is 3 months. Consider it my loss, your gain, as Dasilva ukuleles are known for their lightness in weight, and pure, resonant tones.

    The selling price is $2200, which is way less than the standard tenor price of Dasilva ukes. Brazilian rosewood is rare, and considered one of the top tonewoods. And you save yourself the uncertain wait for years.

    Comes with semi-hard molded case. Shipping included. Continental US only.

    I can email you photos if you are interested.
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    Beautiful uke

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