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Thread: Concertinas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Yates View Post
    I got a Trinity College English concertina about a decade ago. It was just under $300, the least expensive English (same note on push and pull) style I could find. The Anglos (diatonic in one or two keys) were a lot less expensive, but I couldn't seem to figure them out and I like being able to play in all keys. The English concertina is chromatic.

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    Most folks who play Anglo just play Irish Trad in D or G.

    English is far more versatile key wise, but its hard to get that wonderful bounce out of it when playing Irish.

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    I know that this thread is old but it surprised me to see concetinas and accordion here. 50 years ago I took up the 120 bass accordion. I played for about four years, got pretty good except for bellows control which I could never master. I played off and on after that but drifted away.The instrument is too heavy to play. And the bass sounds always over power the treble/melody unless you practice for 20 plus years on that one technique. today I have a renewed interest in the instrument but I am too old for that weight. So I have been thinking about an English Concertina. My only concern at the moment is with a left hand thumb that gets sore easily when playing ukulele or guitar, how well would it work on a concertina? It does not look like the thumb is used at all so maybe OK. Please give me your opinions on this instrument and problems with hands, if any.

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    Have just joined the forum.
    Although I've mainly played melodeon for the last 40 years, also play Anglo concertina, and have also played English (still have a Wheatstoe Aeola) as well as Duet (Triumph system). Used to be able to pick up excellent instruments through auctions and even classified ads here in the UK, but sadly not so easy now.
    Currently play a modern GD one by Andy Norman. He uses melodeon reeds, so has a softer, gentler sound. Happy to pass on my thoughts on all 3 systems.

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