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    Hi, so i recently purchased a baritone ukulele, as a beginner, I find it difficult learning the basics and stuff, is there any suggestions or tips? Also, my tuning is G C E A. When i find a song i want to play but it's in a different tuning, should i have to change my tuning, or is there any other way i can play it in my tuning, thanks!

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    There's plenty of resources online for beginners, in particular on YouTube. Your tuning is perhaps the most common tuning for the ukulele but for the baritone size, the common tuning is d g b e, but you should be able to play any tune with your tuning.

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    If you play by yourself (not in a group), you can just play the song as shown in the video/etc. So if the video or book shows standard baritone chords (for the DGBE tuning), just use the chord shapes as shown. You'll play in a different key, but it'll sound correct.

    GCEA (is the G low or high?) is unusual for a baritone, and it requires special strings when used with this size, but it is the standard tuning for the smaller ukes, so there's no shortage of material available.

    What would you like to do? Learn strumming? Fingerstyle? Play solo? In a group? Do you prefer learning from videos or books? Do you like exercises or is learning in the context of songs preferable?

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    Guys, the same here. Maybe you could share the links to those sources. That would be much appreciated.

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    This link will give you chords, notes (scales) etc. just select your tuning first in the headstock, that is GCEA or DGBE. Some other less popular tunings in there to select too.

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