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I take it that this uke is just a tad underwhelming....
I commented earlier in the thread and I wasn't overly complimentary, though I love my SLNG, just because I haven't played a lot of other soprano-body ukes to have a baseline for comparison, other than a KA-S I had when I first started playing. To me that KA-S was fine for strumming and chording in first position. Going higher up the fretboard it gets a bit cramped vertically for my hands, so the long-neck scale is a good solution to that problem. Mine was set up by Mim and I find it as easy to play as a regular concert. Not to mention the glossy finish looks a lot classier than its laminate Kala cousins.

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I'm a bit confused by the whole long-neck soprano idea.
What is the actual point of one?
Surely if you want a longer scale buy a concert or a tenor.
If you want more room on the neck, buy an ukulele with a wider neck.
Good question, I wondered this myself before buying. I ended up buying it because: 1) as mentioned above I like at least concert scale for the vertical space between frets and 2) I already have a concert and a tenor and wanted to have all 3 body sizes for variety in sounds. I think the longneck soprano sounds closer to a soprano than a concert. A smaller body is also easy to take with you when traveling. There are sizes even smaller than a soprano now but I think longneck soprano is as small as it can comfortably get for my hands personally.

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It won't fit in a case properly and wouldn't it be quieter?
Yes this particular uke is probably quieter than a typical concert (might be more because of the thicker laminate), though it is loud enough for my playing environments and is actually comparable in volume to my Pono concert (which is on the quiet side for a concert). I use a gig bag for this long-neck and it fits perfectly into the Chromacast soprano gig bag sold on Amazon at a very reasonable price.