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Thread: Leho tenor mahogany - preferred strings?

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    Default Leho tenor mahogany - preferred strings?

    I am enjoying my new Leho Tenor Archback LHUT-MM, and wondering if I should change the strings. It currently has the stock Aquila, and it does have a nice sweet sound however I find the tension a bit tight. I'm used to fluorocarbons and wondered for those that have a Leho, what is your preferred string on this uke? I realize it's a personal choice but still curious....


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    If you like the strings, and the tension is just too much, consider trying the "concert" version of the strings instead of the "tenor". They should be thinner with less tension. If the "soprano" strings have enough string length to reach, those would be even lighter. You may find the lower tension will sustain a bit more, be a little brighter, but not be quite as loud. Sometimes it isn't that big of a difference though.

    Strings are very much personal preference. 9 out of 10 people may prefer one set and you could be the only one to prefer another. You just have to experiment and find what you like.

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