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Thread: My own creation. What do you think?

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    Lightbulb My own creation. What do you think?

    I only play for myself, so I can't judge if my music is any good or just extremely amateurish, but it's good to me. I've been playing for over a year and a half now, and I sort of have a rule where I don't really play what other people already created, instead opting to work up my own tunes. My hands are kind of messed up with age, so there is some flaws in the playing, but I think it gives it character. This is a single play through, no pauses or edits.

    I think it's a rather mellow tune...

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    Nice! It has a very nice atmosphere....reminds me of a foggy, rainy setting....maybe in the woods?

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    Great work Ukerz, thanks for sharing!
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    Captivating. The accidental (?) sirens in the background give it an urban feel, like a soundtrack behind the movie scene where the police are too late to prevent the tradegy that has just befallen.
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    The 'less is more' approach works well here. I like it. Very evocative.
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    Glad you guys enjoyed it, I actually found a perfect old home movie to go with it as a music video, but the guy hasn't gotten back to me yet to let me use it. That's primarily why the quality in the song is kind of old timey, I ran an AM radio filter on it in audacity. It fits it really's also a VERY odd video, interesting to watch with the music! So if you want to get a better experience out of it, play both at the same time.

    One technique I do with my strum on the song is I'll use my thumb to pluck the top 2 strings, and my index finger to pluck the bottom two strings right after, which is what you hear around the time of the sirens. It gives a nice little separation to chords.
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    Very nice indeed! Reminds me a little bit of guitarist Will Ackerman's sort of introspective playing...

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