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Thread: For Sale within EU: Sapele Koaloha Opio Concert, like new

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    Default For Sale within EU: Sapele Koaloha Opio Concert, like new


    Pictures can be found in Google Drive, here:

    If you would like them emailed to you, or want to see a particular detail etc, feel free to ask; I’m not terribly handy with things like that, but I can usually figure it out.

    I am selling this Opio on behalf of a friend of mine.
    It has been living safely packaged in my guest room for a while now, humidity & temperature controlled.

    It was purchased from Andreas at “Gute Ukulele” around two years ago; for most of that time it has been in storage, only been taken out of the gig bag to be played twice.

    It is a concert size, in the Sapele model; a wood that is very close in tone, feel and look to mahogany.
    Koaloha only made this model for a short while, before they switched to acacia.
    The finish is a beautiful, pore-filled satin.
    It has a build date of September 2015.

    The tone is, of course, incredible; full, well-rounded, loud, with sustain for aaaaaaaaages.
    To my ears it does sound like mahogany, with that little bit of extra that Koaloha tends to have.
    Andreas hand-picked this one out of the 7 or 8 he had in stock at the time; he said it was ‘even better than the others’, which is saying something!

    I would be very tempted to buy it myself, if I didn’t already have the exact same model. ;-)
    Honestly though, the tone on this one is even better than on mine (but mine has a strap button, and battle scars, and sentimental value!).

    Price is 270 Euro; payable through bank transfer, or Paypal (in that case, please add 4 Euro to cover pp costs).
    For 20 euros, I can add the Boston bag, only used for storage, which is a perfect fit for this smallish concert.

    Insured shipping (for a value of up to 500 euro) with Track & Trace within the EU is 24,50 Euro.
    Edit; for shipping outside of the EU, please contact me for shipping costs.

    If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask!

    Thank you for looking.
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    I don't mind shipping ouside the EU; please contact me for shipping costs.

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    I’ll chime in here...the Sapele Opio line was wonderful...just screamers in volume for a brand that is already perhaps the loudest in the industry. They did suffer from some finish issues (the satin could crack), but they are lovely. I have the tenor version, and I would LOVE to get this concert—but I’m currently paying off a Concert Ohana Taropatch I was longing after.

    If you are interested in a deceptively plain looking but incredibly beautiful—and loud—playing instrument, don’t pass on this one. You can’t get the Sapele any more, and the Acacia, while “prettier” doesn’t boom like the Sapele. A concert sapele is in my future...just not yet.
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    I agree that this is an amazing instrument. It's light as a feather, with understated beauty. I think the wood looks like a herringbone pattern. It's well-balanced, easy to play, and an absolute delight on the ears if you like mahogany. I prefer it over (three times the price) this model in koa. The tone and the volume resonates against your body. It was my first real ukulele, when I decided to upgrade and it doesn't disappoint. I had the acacia model for a while, but it just wasn't for me. I found this ukulele to be just perfect. Whenever I play it I feel like I'm hugging a good friend. Euro buyers should jump on this.

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    Thank you Choirguy and Rubykey!

    Yes, and not only is it loud - it also has a very beautiful voice.
    Not to mention that they are incredibly easy to play!

    (This one was checked and set up by Andreas from Gute Ukulele in Germany, so I don't know if they come like this always)

    Sale is now pending

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    Yes I paid by PayPal last night, really looking forward to playing it ��

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