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Thread: Koaloha super concert, 2017, with L.R Baggs 5.0 installed

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    Default Koaloha super concert, 2017, with L.R Baggs 5.0 installed

    Gently used for less than a year. Sounds great, but am not playing it enough and need the money. Some minor scratches and dings in a few places, but basically like-new, except for the label, which shows damage after removing a custom label glued over it. (Obviously this damage doesn't affect the sound.) Considering these retail for $1000 and the pickup system costs about $200, I think $750 shipped within the U.S is a reasonable price. TEMPORARY REDUCTION (I Really need to move this): $650 shipped to U.S (elsewhere at cost) Shipping to non-U.S location at cost. ON HOLD
    If interested just send me a p.m!

    An update on this whole label business. Turns out the wonderful people at Koaloha will happily send you a new label free of charge. One is on its way to me now and I'll include it in the package with the instrument. All this fuss for naught!
    Photo with now-restored original label:

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    Pics added!

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    Bump! Small possibility I may be interested in a trade for other tenor-scale ukes--feel free to make an offer!
    Should I post a sound sample?

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    Bump with $100 reduction in price--now $800.

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    Will you tell the story of "label redone by local artist" and post a photo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ukeinfused View Post
    Will you tell the story of "label redone by local artist" and post a photo?
    Sure--probably should have done that in the first place! I didn't particularly like the Koaloha label, and wanted to make the instrument more induvidual, so I commissioned a simple abstract piece, specifying only that I wanted an orange background. The new 'label' is ink-on-paper, set with a shellac glaze I think. The original label wasn't removed, so I suppose you could attempt to remove the new one if it really bothered you (note, however, that I am not sure what adhesive was used). These pictures from my phone aren't great--the orange is actually a bit lighter--but hopefully they give somewhat of an idea. 20180829_202235.jpg20180829_202249.jpg

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    I've removed the label and separated the original, but not without some damage. I have reduced the price accordingly. Please know that the decision was made after thinking more about the sentimental value the art has to me, not in an attempt to make it more sell-able.

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    Final bump and reduction.

    (I don't quite understand why no one seems to have any interest in this. There are no functional issues with it and it plays wonderfully!)

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    Seems quiet everywhere at the moment... Good luck with your sale!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pix.fairydust View Post
    Seems quiet everywhere at the moment... Good luck with your sale!
    Yeah, you have a point...

    The poll result suggests most people do not want an instrument with a damaged original label. Is this really the case?

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