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Thread: NBUD: Gold Tone ME-Bass

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    It looks good! Congrats!

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    Congrats on a fine looking bass!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnRC View Post
    Congratulations. I look forward to hearing more about it.

    Last week here in Vancouver, BC I found out that one store here had one in stock. I went to the shop and found that there is a newer version that has 3 control knobs like the Kala U-Bass.

    I found that the balance with a strap was more comfortable than the MicroBass that I own. Much less tendency to head dive. It played fine and I like the thinner body. I am thinking about it and wondering what Pahoehoe strings would be like on it. Probably not much different than on the acoustic one.
    JohnRC! which store in Vancouver BC did you find the Gold Tone ME-Bass?

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    Hi M!!
    I got mine at Long and McQuade.
    It is for sale at this point because I went for a short scale Ibanez Mikro. I like it a lot and I think the electronics are better than many others. However, as a somewhat picky 73 year old I wanted something different.
    It is on the Craig’s List Vancouver.

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