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Thread: recommend resources for advance uke players?

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    Default recommend resources for advance uke players?

    I'm looking for good stuff, esp. on (a) making your own chord-melodies of popular tunes, and (b) just more advanced chord-melody stuff.

    Run into anything good?
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    Guido Heistek's chord melody book is very good. It presents 2 versions of each tune. One basic and one more advanced. Flea Market Music's Lyle Ritz books are great, too. Their book on Ohta San is also really impressive. The way Ohta San arranges his chords is really impressive.

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    James Hill’s program is very specific to learning how to inject melody into an arrangement. While you’re playing tunes in different ways you’re learning alternate ways to insert a melody line...partial chords, melody note on top, using the silent spaces between, etc. I highly recommended it for learning the methodology for making your own chord melody.

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