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Thread: Thinking about trying Makai?

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    Default Thinking about trying Makai?

    I am thinking of trying a solid concert Makai either cedar and rosewood or spruce and rosewood. Wondered if there are any good used ones out there? How do you feel they compare to Ohanas. I already have a soprano Ohana and it sounds real good.

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    Makai makes nice ukuleles. But of course it depends if you're getting low or high end. I think they are comprable to Ohana, . The solid Woods are comprable to Mainland. I know a luthier who gets B stock and sets them up, and fixes whatever might be wrong He has sold quite a few Makai at music camps I've been to. A friend of mine who buys and sells high-end guitars, purchased a solid top Makai from this luthier. I asked him how come he got just a solid top, he said it sounds great and plays great. So these are two knowledgeable players I respect who can vouch for Makai. I have tried quite a few and was tempted but fortunately I was on a ukulele diet. Otherwise I would have purchased. I'm surprised they are not more widely known. I prefer them over Kala in a side-by-side comparison.
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