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Thread: New strings for a new Nui?

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    Default New strings for a new Nui?


    My Pono Bari Nui arrived yesterday. Woot . .

    But . .um .. How to String it?

    For the unfamiliar, this is 23" scale, tuned Dog Bone like a bari.

    Set it came with has a single wound fourth, but nothing on Pono's website suggests what they might be.

    Thoughts? I'm willing to break up a Classical set if that's the best solution.

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    At that scale, top four of a classical nylon set ought to get you to DGBE, and that would be consistent with single wound 4th. The tension will be on the low side, so you might have to go to a high tension set.

    Flourocarbons will be a little trickier. Sets billed for baritone are going to be designed for 19-20" scale so aren't likely to work for 23" unless you're aiming for a lower tuning. But a low G tenor set might be just right. That's where I'd start.
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    I have a large bodied 22-1/4" scale LfdM baritone and have experimented a LOT with strings. I see you are in China and I don't know if any of the mail order houses like Strings by Mail deliver to you. I usually buy single strings to formulate custom sets. Go ahead and try D'Addario Titanium baritone set, I used it on the LfdM with good results.

    For custom sets use classical wound strings around .035" diameter for D and .030" for G. For florocarbon B string diameter of .027" approx. and .024" for E string. Slightly thinner will be brighter, slightly thicker will be warmer.
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    I picked up a BN-30D from the marketplace a little over a year ago and it came with a couple sets of Ko'olau baritone strings in the case. the seller said he bought it new from HMS and those were the stock strings. hth

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