View Poll Results: How do you support you uke when playing?

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  • Traditional way, supported by the arm

    12 17.14%
  • Resting of the lab/knee like a classical guitar

    11 15.71%
  • Uke leash or other non-button strap

    6 8.57%
  • Strap with one button and headstock attachment

    15 21.43%
  • Strap with two buttons

    26 37.14%
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Thread: The strap poll!

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    I use only one strap button. I don't think there's enough pressure on the necks to be concerned about loosening the necks playing this way. I have no problem with drilling into the butts, but I don't want extra buttons on my necks. It's just a visual thing for me.
    I don't play's too controversial.
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    I don't play's too controversial.

    Tricky poll to answer, I most often sit or stand, but I don't hold it the usual way, I mainly pick tunes, so I support the body with my little finger normally, & pick with my thumb.

    If I do strum, I guess I use my arm to hold the butt end - but I do have strap buttons on most of my ukes, one on the heel, & one on the butt, but tend to just use the one on the heel, with a strap looped around my neck, if I put a strap on.
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    Always use 2 buttons, if it doesn't have, I add them myself even on vintage or very expensive, got to have them.

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    Multiple possible choices would be good for people who use more than one support.

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    I voted my preferred way if every choice is available, but I actually use multiple methods depending on the uke.
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    What kitsunegarcia said; it depends on a) the instrument, and b) how long I'm playing.

    I never use a strap on a banjo uke, for example, regardless of how I hold it., but I also never - ever- tie anything to the tuning head.

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    Always two. A must do for me.

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    Besides having my hands free when I'm standing, having a strap prevents me from dropping my ukulele. Like to turn a page or adjust a mike, or drink my beer. I almost dumped it to the floor sitting the other night—the uke, not the beer. Prevented by the strap. I'm kinda clumsy at times.

    I have plenty to think about while I'm playing. Holding onto my uke isn't one of them. A strap just makes playing a little bit easier for me.

    Oh, I play tenor ukes. Almost exclusively. I have a strap on my banjolele & my Ohana soprano. (Purchased for my wife. But she doesn't play it.)

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    These kind of polls seldom give any real poll about the way how ukulele players hold they instrument. Just who happens to participate.

    I like it without any, but it is to me ok to have a strap. A lightweight instrument that can have a lots of support that way.

    About guitar, the straps suck for me totally. Classical guitar, no way. An acoustic guitar, no other way than play without a strap at home. A solid body electric, in that case something like fly V model needs a strap definately. But who wants no support a furniture in their daily play? And standing up?

    For me as told above I prefer ukes straples, but can't deny the advantage of one, because typically you won't get same support as to a guitar sitting. But to grap an uke and just start strumming, I prefer just take it, also I don't have to worry if the strap fails.
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