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Thread: Clawhammer Uke Recommendation - Tiny Tenor

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    Default Clawhammer Uke Recommendation - Tiny Tenor

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to give all you clawhammer players out there a recommendation for a superb uke for frailing: Romero Creations Tiny Tenor.

    I've played clawhammer on a number of ukes, and all sounded far too thunky and echoey for my taste (and banjo ukes were often the worst offenders -- way too tonally dead with the small head). Even my Farallon, which I adore, was way too bassy and hollow sounding (especially the E string). Put me off for a while...

    Anyway, since I needed a solid travel instrument for teaching in Australia, I broke out my old Tiny Tenor (Spruce top, laminate sides), stuck a handkerchief inside, and was amazed at how good it sounds as a frailing uke. The spuce top gives it a nice bright jangly sound that is reminiscent of banjo, and the enlarged soundhole really opens it up and prevents the thunkiness most ukes exhibit when played clawhammer style. It also has a really nice pop, and just the right amount of sustain for hammerons and pulloffs. The concert scale feels pretty perfect, but the tenor size body gives it nice volume and richness. And the thing is tonally PERFECT. I'm using Oasis brights, with a Fremont Soloist wound C. Great combo for me.

    Anyway, your mileage may vary, but I've been super stoked with it. If you're thinking of trying out clawhammer, this is one instrument I'd definitely suggest trying.

    Current Stable:

    Kala travel uke (spruce & mahogany) (KA-SSTU)
    Romero Creations ST Concert (Spruce & Mahogany)
    Gold Tone Banjo Ukulele (BU-1) - Open Back
    Romero Creations Tiny Tenor (Spruce & Mahogany)
    Kala Spruce-Ovangkol (KA-ASOV-T)
    Blackbird Farallon (Tobacco Sunburst)

    Pisgah Dobson Rambler 12" pot

    PM me if you'd like to be in touch...

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    Neo1022: You mentioned that "... The concert scale feels pretty perfect..." However, if you've got a Tiny TENOR, then you're playing a tenor scale (17"), not concert.


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    Love those Tiny Tenors, and yes, they be tiny as a concert but with the 432mm tenor scale. I wanna collect them all! Okay, maybe just one more...

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    Have you tried open or slack key tuning? Either C or G.

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