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Thread: Luthier "Clear Super Carbon 101" Low G Tenor strings

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    Default Luthier "Clear Super Carbon 101" Low G Tenor strings

    I was placing an order at Strings By Mail the other day and came across these Luthier "Clear Super Carbon 101" tenor ukulele strings in low G. I favor low G fluorocarbon strings with a non-wound G, and have gravitated to Living Waters as my go-to strings. But there aren't a lot of non-wound low G fluorocarbon options out there (pretty much just Living Waters and Worth?), so I'm always interested in anything new. When I came across these, for just $5.49 a set I thought they would be worth a try.

    I finally got around to trying them out a few days ago and have been quite pleased. The string diameters seem to be as close as matters to the Living Waters set, with perhaps just a bit more tension, and a similar nice smooth feel. Not quite as bright or rich in sound as the Living Waters, but about 1/3 rd the cost, and perhaps easier to find.

    Anyway, options are nice to have. I think of these as similar to the Martin M620 fluorocarbons, but with a low G.

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    Interesting find Besley, I have seen them on that site. I prefer a wound low G string but I was part of the test group for the new Aquila Red low G. I paired it up with the florocarbon strings I had on a Koolau, has bridge pins so an easy swap. I was impressed, remember I only use wound and that is why Mimo picked me. Good sound, not thuddy or dull, blended well with the florocarbon that were on there. Just something to add to the conversation and for you to try.
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    Thank you very much!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill1 View Post
    It looks like Luthier has a line of ukuleles as well. Check out the website for Luthier Music in New York.
    Pretty decent price for Moku ukuleles...
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    Don't forget PHD strings,too. My tenor is currently strung with PHD unwound low G.

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    Fremont makes an unwound low G also.

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