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Thread: Learning to read standard notation - need easy sheet music

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    Default Scales and arpeggios

    Quote Originally Posted by fretie View Post
    I am on a hunt for fairly easy sheet music with standard notation so that I can practice sight reading music as a way of applying my newly acquired knowledge of scales on the low G uke.

    Broadly speaking, I can read music, however, specifically with the uke I have not been playing notes on the scale. I have been strumming chords and reading tab. But now I would like to actually read standard notation and get some practice with playing specific notes up and down the fretboard.

    Can you suggest some resources to help me move towards my goal of increased musicianship with the ukulele?
    Have you thought about simply writing out some basic scales and simple arpeggios? You can include them in your practice warm-ups...

    -- Gary

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    I think it depends how serious you are about your playing. If you just want to learn to play songs then you can probably get by with just reading tabs. The internet is full of them after all.

    If however, you wish to get into theory and writing music then it is absolutely necessary. It may also be necessary if you wish to play and discuss things with other musicians (though it's entirely impossible you won't run into it there). Here is a good place to start
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