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Thread: 8-string strummers, I would like your input

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    Thanks everyone!

    I'm glad you all enjoy your 8-strings.

    so far for me, I think I will pass on the 8-stringer. I guess I'm so used to just 4 strings, that
    the 8-string sounds a bit much/muffed, etc to my aging ears

    I'm glad I was able to spend quality time with one, but it just confirmed that I'm a 4-string
    player... for now.

    Now I need to try 5 and 6-strings!

    keep uke'in',
    Uncle Rod Higuchi
    ( )

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    I bought an 8-string from Thomas Mann (Germany). It cost about $150, delivered, and I like the unique sound. A member of our group bought one, and three more people followed suit.
    Too many ukes, but I can't stop buying!

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