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Thread: Chord Progression For Maria, Quieres Salir Con Migo

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    Default Chord Progression For Maria, Quieres Salir Con Migo

    Hello all,
    I found a Ukulele song which I would really like to know the chord progression to. Unfortunately I can only find it on YouTube, and I think the person who uploaded it wrote it themselves. I have not got a response from them regarding the progression therefore was wondering if anyone had better eyes, ears and ukulele knowledge than I, and could work out what it is?
    Thanks all - I want to use it for my students (the song is amazing and covers so many of the useful topics we cover in Spanish)
    below is the link:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill1 View Post
    I watched the video. The player's hands are very easy to see. Using the slow down feature, first write out the lyric, then follow the video and look at his fretting hand to see what chords are being played and match them up with the lyric.
    Thanks for the slow down feature idea though I'm not sure how to do that yet... looking into it now! I have to say I tried that and, being a very amateur ukulele player, e.g. good at playing chords from charts and picking after instruction, but pretty useless at everything else, I struggled greatly... the closest I got was C, A7, then some sort of jumble I couldn't identify for two chords then Gmin then back to C I think? But any help with the chords themselves would be hugely helpful! Thank you though, I'll look into the slow down feature.

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    To change the speed click on the gear shape on the right and go to speed. The song is in the key of C so the chords would be C, F, and G. In this song he plays C-C7-F-G7-C and adds Am sometimes

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