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Thread: Season 347 - Elvis and Nick

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    For Season 347, we’re playing songs by Elvis Costello or Nick Lowe. Here’s EC’s “Watching the Detectives", which is clearly a favorite of my special guest, Steve Phillips. Steve recorded this for an earlier season and I hijacked it for some multitracking hijinx. Steve is playing a concert uke and singing, the headless accompanists are playing Ubass, tenor “stun” uke, and telephone vocal.

    I have this single too, Steve!

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    I started off easy as I know nothing by either choice.
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    All four members of Rockpile wrote this, and Nick still plays it. Love the theme, Andy!!!

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    On a footbridge over a road that runs alongside the River Tees in Stockton on Tees is a quote from Ecclesiastes. "All the rivers run down to the sea, yet the sea is not full" and I long felt I could use it in a song. Then three years ago, I wrote this song which traces the Tees from source to mouth. It's written in rhyming couplets with the quote used as a refrain after each line, ballad style. Recently I thought I would like to resurrect this song and this weeks theme gave me a reason to give it another go, so here is "Song of the Tees". The pictures are all of the River Tees but I didn't have pictures to match every verse exactly but the first few are of the upper river and the later ones are of the river just above and as it passes Stockton and Middlesbrough.

    Here are the lyrics. The last verse is the full quote from Ecclesiastes.

    Song of the Tees
    Geoff Walker

    The [D]Tees rises [A]up on cross [D]fell
    All the rivers run [A]into the [D]sea
    Among [G]hills where lead miners [A]dwelt
    Yet the [D]sea it [A]is not [D]full

    She [D]flows 'cross [A]fair northern [D]hills
    All the rivers run [A]into the [D]sea
    Over [G]falls and rapids she [A]spills
    Yet the [D]sea it [A]is not [D]full

    She skirts round a grey castle wall
    And held poet and author in thrall

    Now through green fields and meadows
    Past churches and abbey she goes

    Past towns where history unfurled
    Where a railway changed the world

    Under Bridges all of great fame
    Transporter, Newport and Yarm

    Past banks that once rang with steel
    Now a home to salmon and seal

    So into the salt sea she glides
    Where the ships wait for the tide

    [D]All the rivers run [A]into the [D]sea;
    yet the sea, [A]it is not [D]full;
    To the [G]place from whence they [A]came,
    The [D]rivers will [A]return a[D]gain.
    (Ecclesiastes 1.7)
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    Geoff Walker

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    thank you for hosting the week Andy.
    this, from Nick Lowe's Dig My Mood LP (1998)
    and featuring Kev on electric tenor ukulele.

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    Been looking forward to bringing some good songs this week and then a throat infection hit... Just managed this one before it became too bad. Puuh.
    'In the Darkest Place' is from the 1998 collaboration between Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach - Painted from Memory. An album I must have heard a thousand times back in the day and now have revisited. It was a difficult one to do, but I really wanted to do it so hope you like my version.

    Doesn't sound very good on small phone and ipad devices, so put on those earphones ;-)

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    I never listened much to Nick Lowe. But I remember a friend of mine had the LP of Pure Pop for Now People (the U.S. title for Jesus of Cool), so I listened to some iTunes sound clips and a couple of songs sounded familiar from 40 years ago. I figured this was a better choice than "Marie Provost".

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    Not much time available this week, but here's one from Nick

    from Queenscliff, near Geelong, near Melbourne, in Australia

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    Great theme Andy, thanks for hosting~ So Nick Lowe performed this song by The Band with Wilco and Mavis Staples. Jon Duncan is doing most of the heavy lifting on this one. Other than having the idea and recording a single uke/vocal track, Jon did all the rest including mixing and making the clip

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    Thanks everyone for your entries and enthusiasm for the season. The playlist should be current up to here. If I have left you off I swear, it was an accident. Let me know and I will add your song ASAP.

    "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams"
    ~A.W.E. O'Shaughnessy

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