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Thread: How to transpose chord sequences to other key signatures

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarmo_S View Post
    I try feed this chord sequence that belong to a finnish song:

    Am E7 Am
    Dm E7 Am E7 Am A7 Dm E7
    Am F H7 H7-5
    E7 A7 Dm
    G7 C E7 Am Dm
    Am Dm Am H7 E7 Am

    The 3rd line does NOT transpose.
    This web site should do the job:
    I fed your input, and transposed it to 1 halftone and I got this
    Bm F7 Bm
    Ebm F7 Bm F7 Bm B7 Ebm F7
    Bm F# C7 C7-5
    F7 B7 Ebm
    Ab7 C# F7 Bm Ebm
    Bm Ebm Bm C7 F7 Bm
    (At the top of the page, I checked the box that says 'Use H and B instead of B and Bb')
    And this
    A H C
    when transposed to 2 half steps shows this
    H C# D

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    Yes, but it is not what I wanted. It is easier for me to replace H with B than have B used for Bb. I'm quite familiar with that common system.

    My brain would go a mess if B was used for Bb like it is maybe still in classical music here. I am not sure about that current situation either in praxis

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