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Thread: How to transpose chord sequences to other key signatures

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarmo_S View Post
    Yes exactly! The feel to ukulele's neck is destroyed if using a capo for playing open chords.
    But we as uke players are lucky in that our instrument allows to play in all keys, so we don't need a capo unlike guitarists. Maybe slim string electric players can get by with barre chords, for other types of 6 strings chord players capo is a must. Only a few keys that are guitar friendly.

    See 4 strings, 4 fingers, it just works much better yes.

    I want say I'm agnostic (not atheist), but I do like listening some Christian music, like probably your kind too
    We play contemporary Christian music. I just love playing my uke.....anywhere......anytime. Playing my uke as an expression of worship is a bonus.

    We seem to play a lot of songs in the key of E. Evidently this is a guitar friendly chord, and an easy key for a variety of voices to sing in. Our band leader will send out the music, along with a You Tube video of the song. Playing along with the video helps me a lot with songs I haven't heard before. The down side is that often we are doing the song in a different key than the video. We aren't doing it in the standard key that the song is normally written or sung in. I'd love to have a program that would convert the actual music into different keys, not just show the transposed chords. Someone told me about a program that does just that, but I can't remember the name or find it. Sometimes, with a bit of searching on You Tube, I can find someone who's singing the song in our key, but not always. The searching is a pain in the butt & time consuming.
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    It is possible to write the words and chords to a song as is shown with that Greensleaves song example you get with a 'Load a Sample Song' -button.
    Sometimes I miss the melody when a tune is not so familiar. That is not possible to have it seems.

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