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Thread: Very Rare Dayton Heart ukulele

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    Default Very Rare Dayton Heart ukulele

    Here is a 1920 Dayton Heart ukulele. Dayton is a longtime, respected banjo builder. Nice little soprano heart shaped instrument. It has had some restoration on it in the past, a few cracks, all seem very solid now. I replaced the bridge on it, but still have the original, sounds better now. Replaced one tuner that wouldn't stay tight, still have it, just needs a longer screw I think. Very little info available on this, research I found suggested that they only made 3 of these heart shaped ukuleles. Plays well, nice intonation, not real loud but nice vintage tone, body resonates well. I found one other on ebay listed for 1450.00, I really have no idea what it is worth. SOLD
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    Hey Rick, I have one of these... all original with original case. I picked it up several years ago and every year I think about selling it around Valen times day but I never am able to pull the trigger because it's so unique and cool. There used to be a Dayton instrument database that said there was only three of these that were known to be in existence so I guess between yours and mine and that one on eBay which was in pretty bad shape as I remember, that accounts for all three.
    Good luck with the sale !

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