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Thread: What Uke should I buy

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    Default What Uke should I buy

    Sorry for asking this as I am sure loads of ppl do.

    I am new to ukes and haven't played a guitar since I was a child. I have a low budget for my 1st uke as I don't want to fork out loads until I know I like it.

    I can't decide if I should get a soprano or concert size.
    I found a Ohala Pineapple PK 10S soprano that looks a good deal for 60 ? I 've did a bit of reading and I am sure its best to try aim for a mahogany body and Kala or Ohala? I must admit I want something that looks nice too but of course sounds nice is a priority !

    Is it harder for a beginner to play the soprano size ?

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    If it feels comfortable, you will be OK.

    I usually recommend a concert scale, Kala or Ohana.
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    Size is a matter of personal preference. If you have found a ukulele that you like that would be a good start.
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    After playing the guitar for many years, I thought that tenor would be my natural size, (I am also an average size man). I was surprised that I like the soprano best, but I do enjoy the tenor. I don’t care for the concert size. The point being that you have to try the different sizes to know what works for you.

    When it comes to price, that is up to you as well. An instrument with poor tone or that lacks playability is a recipe for failure. If you buy a good used instrument, you can sell it if you find that the ukulele is not for you. If you got a decent deal when you bought it, then you shouldn’t get hurt and you will at least know that it wasn’t the instrument and that you had the pleasure of having a nice instrument. There is no substitute for quality.

    Good luck and welcome.
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    You've come to the right place. You also may want to check out Barry Maz at Got A Ukulele. He does tons of ukulele reviews.
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    I do not think you would go wrong with a concert sized Ohana. Barry Maz can point you in the right directions if Ohana is not easily available. Then, as almost all of us do, if you find you like it, you will want to try another size. I thought for sure I would want a tenor, but instead I have mostly sopranos.

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    The best advice is to get a uke with a good setup. My first had a really awful neck profile and it was second uke (an Islander) that really hooked me.
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    Where are you? If you are anywhere near Southern Ukulele Store, go there and ask. Or World of Ukes. These places are so good that I know them and I live in the North Central United States.
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    I think a concert sized Ohana or Kala would work fine for a new uke player: more room than a soprano, and some of the finger stretches are not as large as on a tenor. Another thing to consider is nut width: Ohana and Kala have standard nut width of about 34-35mm. Some folks (me included) like the wider 38mm (1 1/2") nuts on Islander and Cordoba ukes; it may be easier to play chords more accurately on a wider nut, especially if you have large fingers. Many also feel that ukes with a solid top (not laminate) have a better sound.

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    Whatever you do...figure it out before you buy. Or, like me, you'll have a soprano and concert ukes (along with a couple slim-nutted tenors) dangling from your wall collecting dust. How broad you are should also influence your decision. I'm about medium height but I have very broad shoulders and attempting to contort my hands/arms to reach inward for a concert was uncomfortable let alone a soprano. Once I switched to Tenor, I've been a happy, ukin' camper. Cheers and good luck.

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