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Thread: What Uke should I buy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomershakalaka View Post
    Whatever you do...figure it out before you buy. Or, like me, you'll have a soprano and concert ukes (along with a couple slim-nutted tenors) dangling from your wall collecting dust. How broad you are should also influence your decision. I'm about medium height but I have very broad shoulders and attempting to contort my hands/arms to reach inward for a concert was uncomfortable let alone a soprano. Once I switched to Tenor, I've been a happy, ukin' camper. Cheers and good luck.
    That is a little hard if you've never played a ukulele and everyone and their brother is telling you something different. Sometimes you have to experiment a little to decide what you like.
    I don't want to live in a world that is linear.

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    Ohana is well made and generally sound great for the price point, so personally feel it is a good choice. You should also consider the style you prefer to play. A soprano will usually be more plinky which is ideal for songs like the 1920’s favorites, whereas playing modern covers might benefit from the fullness of a tenor (although other factors than size effect tone too). As suggested, go try a few first and see what suits you.

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