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Thread: In defence of Aquila Nylgut!

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    Default In defence of Aquila Nylgut!

    Just thought I would send a nod to Aquila for their Nylgut strings. Everybody has their own personal preferences for strings and these forums are a way of discussing, giving personal reviews, recommendations and likes/dislikes for strings that they use.
    What I have noticed is that there are a lot of players who much prefer other brands and types. The most favoured seems to be fluorocarbon types! This is fine but a lot of players are quite vocal in their dislike for Aquila Nylgut strings.
    I have tried a couple of sets of fluorocarbon strings by a couple of well known manufactures and find that they are very nice to play. Easy under the fingers and are very light to the touch. However I much prefer the feel of the Nylgut strings. They are more robust under the fingers. I can feel some resistance when I press the strings which I find reassuring. But it is the tone of the strings that I really like. You can sort of push the string to find different sweet spots on the string. Playing vibrato technique is a real strong point with the string. You can bend and tease the note to achieve different colours and I always feel I am in control of the string. They are not too light as to feel insecure! Great for strumming again for the same reason that I can feel a little resistance in the string to play against. I have heard that the Nylguts colour the sound a little and this maybe the case. If it does it is in my opinion not unpleasant!
    I use the Nylguts on a couple of Tenor Ukuleles......An all mahogany Ohana and a koa Kanile'a.
    I am not criticizing anybody's string choice here. What other people choose obviously works for them. I am just giving Aquila the thumbs up from my perspective.
    I will try different strings from time to time and maybe at some stage I will find another brand or type that I prefer. Until that time occurs I am very happy with Aquila Nylgut!

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    Differerent strokes Mike. They sure sound great when you play them!

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    I like the Nylguts as well, and mostly use them on my tenors. Love the bright tone! I recently purchased a set of Worth Browns and are looking forward to checking them out as well.

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    Yeah, that's cool. Saves more FCs for the rest of us.
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    When I first got into ukuleles Aquila Nylguts were the wonder strings. Any ukulele you got, you changed the strings to Nylguts or else. Any ukulele worth playing came with them.
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    Aquila Nylguts are my preferred stings although I guess I should say that I play Tenors or Baritones.

    TO my ear Nylguts have a more complex sound. Flurocarbons sound sweet but simple to my ears.

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    I’ve never bought any strings other than Aquilas. I have used a few others that came on new ukes though. I like the Aquilas just fine except that they make too many fretting and picking errors. I even use ‘em on one of my banjos.

    When I finally learn and improve enough, maybe I’ll try some of those others.
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    Whenever I want to strum along to old music that swings I break out my 'hog soprano Martin clone, strung up with Nylguts. There is something about the nylon sound that screams classic flavor to me.

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    Alex from SUS did a good review here

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    Thanks for those thoughts, Mike! I think I'll grab a set of Nylguts and try them out on my little Ohana SK-22 !

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