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Thread: Cockroached White Label Kamaka

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    A new label might make people think it was a counterfeit. That was an issue for Kamaka then.

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    I'd surely send it to Kamaka to be appropriately restored. Probably cost next to nothing.
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    I had the Kamaka Standard repaired by Steve Doreen who made some interesting observations in the process.

    The instrument is 100% Koa, including fretboard and braces:

    A thin solid strip is used instead of a kerfed one:

    There is no fan bracing, only ladder:

    There is no longitudinal brace from the bridge plate to the soundhole; and

    The logo is a decal, not an inlay.

    The wood had dried out over time and a crack in the soundboard along the seam was repaired.

    Steve expressed mild concern that the lack of any bracing between bridge and soundhole might cause the top to deform under the increased tension of modern fluorocarbon strings like the Martin M600s mounted. He advised monitoring. A week after repair, the soundboard did separate near the rear block but a quick shot of CA sufficed.

    The sound is AMAZING. What a voice for a small instrument. In the club jam sessions, it rang out clear and loud prompting others to ask what I was playing. The downside is that my mistakes are no longer lost in the din.

    I am thrilled to own this “Benchmark” of the genre. This to me is what a uke should sound like. Everything else is a variant.
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    That is great that you had it repaired and found out so much more about the build. You shuld have a great time playing such a lovely instrument.

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    I love stories like this.
    I feel like any instrument that has been played well has a soul.
    They should be preserved to whatever extent is practical.
    Congrats on your "new" Kamaka!
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