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Thread: The Seasons Collaboration Exchange

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    Quote Originally Posted by UkingViking View Post

    If someone wants to play, write here or PM me, so we can find out what key to play in etc.

    If someone wants to start a parallel group, also please go ahead.

    Best regards
    "Viking Wilbury"
    I'm in! I'll send you a PM

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    If someone is up for it, it could be fun to do a song with some " Lala-ing" that is bit more sinister for this weeks theme.

    I like this song, but it really ought to be a duet. Probably most fun if the sung with someone who has a slightly more feminine voice than I have...

    Here is a rough recording of his verses, if someone feels like singing the rest of the verses:
    [Link removed]
    I put in a chord sheet as well.
    Sorry if it is not really tight, I couldn't stand the ticking of the click track.

    If someone is up for it, please send me a PM.
    I can mix together the stuff, but that would be a simple Audacity mix with no fancy filters. Or someone could mix it with their own tracks.
    If I hear nothing before the weekend, I will just record a boring all me version.

    Edit Edit:
    Times up, I recorded it solo.
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