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Thread: Your go-to ukulele size?

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    My favoured size is soprano,as per my sig;but I mostly play my sopranino at home!
    All power and respect to you Concert,Tenor and Baritone players, but Soprano is what does it for me every time!

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    Tried all the three regular sizes when I started out, & spent most of my time on concert scale, but it was a 'long neck soprano'.

    After trying quite a lot of ukes, I found 'my size', it is a tenor scale on a concert sized body, ('long neck concert').

    Solid mahogany was my favourite sounding wood - until I got a solid acacia - now I'm not so sure.

    Favourite strings is easy to answer, fluorocarbon, Living Water Low G concert strings, they are on my tenor & my concert scale ukes.

    Started out learning in December 2015, for about two years - then my wanderlust took over & I went back to my harmonicas, & now I include flutes, fifes, piccolo, & whistles in my musical collection.

    (I still dabble with my ukes, but my main instrument presently is harmonica.)
    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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    Size...tenor. Anything smaller makes a G chord feel like 3 fat people trying to get thru a small door.
    Wood......koa and mahogany
    Strings........Aquila Nylguts and Worth
    Number of Ukes......6, 1 Kanilea K3 Premier tenor, 1 Cordoba 20TM-CE tenor, 1 Kala TEMB tenor, 1 Luna tribal pineapple, 1 Oscar Schmidt OU2TAT tenor, 1 Kala KA-15-HI soprano,
    How Long...........about 1 year ago got first uke.
    Practice........typically at least one hour per day
    Learning.........books and You Tube
    Musical Background.........rock band lead singer, San Francisco 1960's. A bit of guitar and harmonica over the years.
    Other instruments desired...................banjo uke

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    So many questions! You sound like my wife when I come home at 2:00 AM. : )

    As I've told my wife many times, size doesn't matter. Any size uke is good for me, from sopranino to tenor.
    I like solid koa.
    Strings - no favorites.
    49 ukes, with two banjo ukes under construction. Sopranino 1; Soprano 17; Concert 15; Tenor 16. regular, resonator, and banjo ukes.
    I've been ukin' for about four years.
    Practice - not as much as I should. : (
    I learn by playing with my groups, event workshops, books, and online study.
    I played the trumpet when I was in school, fiddled () with the piano. I play the harmonica a bit.
    Height: 5' 10"
    I'd like to improve my uke and harmonica skills, also work on the tin whistle.
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    Too many ukes, but I can't stop buying!

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    My go to size is Concert - I own or have owned sopranos, long neck sopranos, tenor neck sopranos, concerts, tenor neck concerts, tenors, and a baritone but my favorite size is now and has always been concert.

    I currently own 10 or so ukes and I've been playing since 2004 or so. I typically play about an hour a day though it's usually not in one sitting. I just always seem to have one nearby.

    I tend to prefer all mahogany ukes but it's not a firm rule with me... just that the ukes I've loved best were/ are solid mahogany.

    Strings? Not a string junky but I do like Aquila and some fluorocarbon sets I've tried.

    Self taught though I often refer to sheet music to learn the chords of new songs. I cannot read music but I seem to have a good ear and can often figure out songs by ear without sheet music.

    I also play guitar and some banjo.
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    Bruko No. 6 soprano
    Kiwaya KTS-4 soprano
    Mainland Mahogany Classic soprano
    Mainland Red Cedar soprano
    Ohana SK-28 soprano
    Cahaya CY-0112 concert
    Kiwaya KTC-1 concert
    Musicguymic's "Kolohe" brand - prototype concert
    Cordoba 24T tenor
    Kanilea Islander MST-4 tenor
    Cordoba 24B baritone

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    Size: Concert
    Wood: Spruce top with any body wood
    Strings: Living water
    Number of Ukes: see my signature line
    How long: 2.5 years. Did not play much at all until 10 months ago,
    Practice: daily for 10-30 min
    Learning: watching Youtube and books.
    Music background: Cello, piano.
    Hand size: Medium glove size.
    Next instrument: Hammered Dulcimer.
    A day without playing uke is a day not well lived.


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    - your go-to ukulele size (one only pls)====I only play tenor
    - your go-to ukulele wood combo, solid/ laminate====solid
    - Favorite strings=====have no favorite, use many types
    - Number of ukes and sizes you own====current 8, had 16, all tenor
    - how long you've been 'uke'====5 years 3 months
    - how long/ often to practice====3 to 4 times a week, 10 to 30 minutes
    - source of learning====internet and group meetings twice a week
    - other musical backgrounds====guitar for almost 50 years, but since playing uke, never touch them
    - height (that helps to determine the hand size)=====5 ft 10 in, med hand
    - contended or other ukus/ instrument you wanna try?====might have Bruce Wei in Vietnam make me a myrtle double cutaway

    I reckon above are the factors that make a person decided on their favourite uku size.

    8 tenor cutaway ukes, 5 acoustic bass ukes, 10 solid body bass ukes, 7 mini electric bass guitars

    Donate to The Ukulele Kids Club, they provide ukuleles to children's hospital music therapy programs.
    Member The CC Strummers

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    Quote Originally Posted by ht852 View Post
    Hi, I am still a uku newbie. Often torn between which sizes of uku to get. I wanna know your favorite ukulele size and what might lead you to choose it. Can you please share:

    - your go-to ukulele size (one only pls)-Soprano
    - your go-to ukulele wood combo, solid/ laminate-Laminate
    - Favourite strings-Aquilla, but I've not tried anything else. But I am getting Martin strings on my next uke.
    - Number of ukes and sizes you ownSoon to be two, both soprano
    - how long you've been 'uke'-Since June
    - how long/ often to practiceDepending on my course load, other hobbies, 20 min. To an hour a day
    - source of learning-YouTube, Casual strumming and Daily Ukulele and the occasional Jam at my local music store
    - other musical backgrounds-I did chorus when I was in high school.
    - height (that helps to determine the hand size)5'3
    - contended or other ukus/ instrument you wanna try?- I'm content, but I want to branch out maybe but I'm not sure yet

    I reckon above are the factors that make a person decided on their favourite uku size.
    -Makala Dolphin Soprano-AKA "Ludo"
    Kala-15S(Soprano)-AKA "Treble"
    Started playing in June 2018
    Please call me Dixie
    I play left handed.

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    Concert scale....always.
    "Those who bring sunshine and laughter to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves".

    Music washes from the soul, the dust of everyday living.

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    Go-to ukulele size: Tenor
    Wood combo: So far, Rosewood Body with Spruce Top [Subject to change at any moment.]
    Favourite strings: Living Waters Fluourcarbon
    Number of Ukes Owned: Too many! I have to downsize soon. All tenors bar 2 sopranos. (Bought for my wife who hasn't had time.)
    How long playing: 15 months (My first serious instrument)
    How long/often practice: Every day. Usually 2 hours. (You'd think I'd be better than I am.)
    Source of learning: Various. Books, YouTube, UU, Friends, Ukulele Club, Other online courses
    Other musical backgrounds: Choir, but never learned to read music
    Height: These days, I am 6'1". But I have small hands for my height. Can't palm a basketball.
    Other ukes/instruments you wanna try: Ko'olau Tenor; Several Luthier-Made Tenor Ukes; Cajon Percussion Box; Harmonica

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