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Thread: Your go-to ukulele size?

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    Post Your go-to ukulele size?

    Hi, I am still a uku newbie. Often torn between which sizes of uku to get. I wanna know your favorite ukulele size and what might lead you to choose it. Can you please share:

    - your go-to ukulele size (one only pls)
    - your go-to ukulele wood combo, solid/ laminate
    - Favourite strings
    - Number of ukes and sizes you own
    - how long you've been 'uke'
    - how long/ often to practice
    - source of learning
    - other musical backgrounds
    - height (that helps to determine the hand size)
    - contended or other ukus/ instrument you wanna try?

    I reckon above are the factors that make a person decided on their favourite uku size.

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    Size.....started with concert. Tried soprano & tenor. Concert is my happy place.
    Wood ...... have tried a lot, like them all for different reasons.
    Strings.....Living Waters.
    Numbers owned .......Have owned 10, currently own 4. One soprano, two concerts, one concert scale tenor. Always “window shopping.”
    Been uke for 1 year & 6 months.
    Practice ...... Play every day. Sometimes a few minutes. Sometimes I get lost in the music for hours.
    Learning source .....I started learning from YouTube, then found local uke groups & workshops. Finding groups to play with & learn from has helped me improve a ton.
    Music background ..... None.
    Height really doesn’t matter. Hand size doesn’t always determine what size ukulele you can play or which you enjoy most. Many folks play all sizes.
    No desire to play anything else. Playing my ukuleles is perfect for me.
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    My ukulele family.....
    KoAloha Koa concert - circa 2006 (Living Waters)
    aNueNue Moon Bird concert - Spruce & Rosewood - 2018 (Blackwater)
    Blackbird Clara - 2019 (Oasis Bright)
    Cocobolo concert - 2019 (Worth Brown)

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    Myself first:
    - concert ( best fret spacing for me for strumming and fingerpick) (as I fingerpick more. starting to feel why people like Tenor - the sound, the space) (my sofa-side sopranino come 2nd for the mess around uku)
    - Koa (spruce and rosewood is my 2nd love)
    - 2 concert (hi/low G, can't decide which i like more), 1 tenor, 1 sopranino, 1 soprano (previously trade away about 5 ukus in concert/ tenor/ electric or not)
    - since X'mas 2017
    - maybe 30mins a day, mostly play 6 out of 7 days
    - mainly books. supplement by youtube
    - basic piano background
    - 160 average hand size
    - contended for now. after owning numbers of uku from some famous names, feel that my uku skill is yet to improve to meet the standard~

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    - tenor
    - solid Koa (cedar/redwood second for a change)
    - Oasis/Seaguar
    - around 10 (5 tenors and a mix of the others)
    - since 2007
    - practice? We talkin' about practice? Seriously, everything I play is from memory. I have to play though around 25 or so songs so I won't forget. I've left a few behind when I couldn't recall what I did and didn't want to bother to re-learn them. Occasionally, I will put out the effort a second time. I tend to make up open/semi open chords up the neck and those are the tough ones to do over. These days I've tried to simplify things. Funny, but no one seems to notice I'm basically playing the same chord shapes with different melodies. There are 10 different ways to play a "C" chord.
    - usually I hear a song and then find the chords and figure out the melody. If it is a complex piece that some pro plays and I want to learn that version, I'll go onto youtube and steal what I can and modify it if I can't replicate some parts well enough.
    - played piano as a kid, then guitar and some bass.
    - I'm 5'9" and my hands are not large, but I have 2 18" scale tenors. Although longer fingers would make some stretches easier, I still manage.
    - right now the uke is what I play 99% of the time. Rarely pick up the guitar and I no longer have a piano.

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    - your go-to ukulele size (one only pls) = soprano
    - your go-to ukulele wood combo, solid/ laminate = combo is spruce/ovangkol, solid is sapele, laminate is HPL
    - Favourite strings = Living Waters
    - Number of ukes and sizes you own =15, 12 soprano, 2 tenor, 1 concert
    - how long you've been 'uke' =5 years
    - how long/ often to practice= every day 15 minutes to an hour
    - source of learning - books or pdf
    - other musical backgrounds = piano and guitar about 45 years ago
    - height (that helps to determine the hand size) = 4'11"
    - contended or other ukus/ instrument you wanna try? = baritone and kalimba
    - Laura

    Martin, KoAloha, Brueko, Mele, Mainland, Outdoor, Kala, Enya, Harmony, Tempo, Globe, Vega, Silvertone, Kay, Luna, Zither Heaven, First Act

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    I guess it must be a super soprano...changing strings is a real PIA

    Super Sprano.jpg

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    Size: Concert with 1 3/8 " nut width. Both reentrant and linear.
    Woods: Today was a mahogany day. Tomorrow will be something else, like walnut w/ cedar, or koa.
    Strings: Living Water.
    Number and sizes: All concert. Sold the tenors and sopranos. Number: More than I intended, but I can't talk myself into selling anything else right now.
    How long: First tried in 2013, but didn't click with it. Can't remember when I got serious about it, but have been for a couple years.
    Practice/Play: I try to play every day, for at least a few minutes. I often play a couple hours/day.
    Source of learning: Internet.
    Musical background: Played piano as a youngster, but teacher liked to hit students, so the idea of playing piano still makes me nervous. Didn't play anything for many years.
    Height: My feet usually touch the floor when I'm standing. Not always when I'm sitting, though.
    Want to try: Hammered dulcimer. Spent a little time with it last winter, but wandered off for a variety of reasons. Need more hours in the day and to tune it, and plan on getting back to it. But I usually can't put the ukulele down, so run out of time for other non-essential activities.

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    Wow, a long list of questions...
    Some preferences may be interpolated, as I currently dont own the exact combination.

    Size: Concert
    Wood: Solid mahogany. I think. Never actually had a solid mahogany concert, but it sounds well on my long neck soprano and my new tenor.
    Strings: Worth Browns. But there are many I havent tried
    Numbers and sizes: currently 5. 3 tenors, one concert, one long neck soprano. Used to have a soprano, but I sold it.
    How long: playing since spring 2015.
    How often: probably a couple of hours a week, in sessions of about half en hour. Sometimes just 10 minutes in the morning to prepare my mind for work.
    Learning: from the internet
    Background: I had a keyboard and a guitar before, but I have never been proficient on either. It helps though.
    Other instruments i want: dunno.
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    Ohana SK30M mahogany super-soprano, Cort UKEBWCOP Blackwood concert, Anuenue African Mahogany Tenor, Fluke Koa Tenor, Hora M1176 spruce Tenor

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    I'm relatively new, as well (or at least I feel like I am), but here we go...

    SIZE: Having owned Soprano, Concert, and Tenor, I think I'm most into tenor. (though a wide nut soprano may top that)
    WOOD: Can't say much about this, but I love the sound of solid mahogany.
    STRINGS: Aquila reds are pretty nice. Trying out D'addario Titanium, though.
    NUMBER: Three. One soprano, one concert, one tenor.
    HOW LONG: Bought my first one in early 2016, but really was off and on until earlier this year.
    PRACTICE: I try to play a good 20-30 minutes a day, minimum. I bring my soprano with me all the time, so it's easy.
    LEARNING: Internet.
    OTHER MUSIC: Minimal. Played trombone for a year in elementary school. Tried guitar in college. Neither stuck.
    HEIGHT?: 6'2
    OTHERS: Want to give Baritone ukulele a try some time. Maybe a banjolele. Outside of uke, maybe classical guitar at some point?
    1) Outdoor Ukulele, blue (soprano)
    2) Islander MAT-4 (tenor)
    3) Flight TUS35 (soprano)
    4) Duke DUBVB (baritone)

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    window shopping is my favourite excerise too ^^. but i think my ears are still too immature that i can't tell the difference right away.... only till spending some time with the uku, i am able to definite what I like or not. i ended up buying and trading quite a number of ukus off. losing too much money -.-... so now i sticks with the good ones and save money and time on getting the skill up till i get in the pool agan~

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