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Thread: 2019 Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival

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    Default good times

    We had a great time at the festival.
    Arrived early and avoided the problems Mike experienced.
    Attended workshops with Christopher Davis-Shannon, Sarah Maisel, Milo, and Jim Beloff.
    We got quite a bit out of all of them. Full ukulele immersion.

    Rutts for lunch, mixed plate of boneless beef short ribs and rice royal.
    One of the best meals I've ever eaten at an event. Generous portions at a good price and the taste was FANTASTIC. I had heard about Rutts for years, now I'm a believer.

    We caught performances by Herb Ota Jr and Bryan Tolentino, great music and lots of laughs as they played off each other. Unfortunately we waited too long and most of their CDs had sold out. We did get one and they were gracious enough to sign it for us.

    We also stayed to the very end and got the entire Beloff performance which was outstanding, I just love Jim and Liz singing and playing together. Jim's Ukulele Concerto with the sting quartet got a well deserved standing ovation. What a treat.

    To add to such a wonderful day we won an ukulele! Its a gorgeous Nalu mahogany tenor with padauk trim binding and mother of pear inlays, it looks and sound stunning, Thank you!

    Amazing time!
    Playing my Magic Fluke and grinning like a fool!

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    Great time and great classes. Learned so much, Had Rendang for lunch. Amazing. Hoping for some Caribbean/African and Flamenco classes in the future. Will have to make sure I stay in town for future festivals. This was my first and I loved it. I am so lucky I am local.

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    Had a great time as usual. Bit cooler and damper than before which was nice. Better set up with the additional chairs in the outdoor stage area. My highlight was taking the Conversation with Bass player Bakatahi (sp). When do you ever get a chance to jam with a Bass player like him? “Diamonds on the Soles of his Feet” and more that I knew!
    Hubby plays same Ohana Bass he was using — I told him on the drive home I expect more than I’ve been hearing. He seems to think that'll Never happen.�� Oh well, once is okay too.

    Took both versions of Hawaiian turn-arounds and vamps. Both were good and fun.

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    Had a great time! loved the workshops. Herb and Bryan are really funny. I didn't expect that. the vendor area was cool - picked up a few things such as a t-shirt and some stickers. Got to play a Kanile'a platinum pineapple! wow. loved the Sarah and Craig version of Jim Beloff's song that he wrote for his wife. Really sweet. It was fun seeing all these ukulele youtube personalities and teachers. Great content, great talent. Great job, Mitch!

    Looking forward to next year,

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    Another great festival in the books! I do have a wish list for 2020: Add Louisa Hall, bring back Marlowe Teichman (she lives in LA now), and a TATTOO BOOTH! Someone that can do flash ukulele tattoos.
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    Just ordered a tenor sized custom electric uke from Brian Fanner . . . wonder how long ETA. . .

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    Big mahalo to all who came! Switched some things up this year, experimented with a few ideas and will adjust accordingly for 2020 (save the date: Sept 26) but glad to hear you all had a good time overall.

    Yes I know Marlowe lives here now, I'm the one who invited her to come Saturday; unfortunately by the time she announced her move to LA, everything had been planned and scheduled out. A tattoo booth is highly impractical and there are health permits and issues to consider so I wouldn't count on seeing one at the festival any time soon.

    Once again, THANK YOU everyone, see you next year!!!

    p.s. Mike, that "just a bass player" guy is Bakithi Kumalo, one of the most respected bassists in the world, workshop attendees loved how he engaged and encouraged everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchchang View Post
    P.S. Mike, that "just a bass player" guy is Bakithi Kumalo, one of the most respected bassists in the world, workshop attendees loved how he engaged and encouraged everyone.
    I meant that there were no other instruments, only a bass. I was expecting a band, especially when it comes to Paul Simon music. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    This is Michael Kohan in Los Angeles, Beverly West near the Beverly Center
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