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Thread: Plectrum / Pick etc

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    I switch around to give a rest to nails on my index and middle finger. Mainly I use a rubbery flexible plastic pick that I made from flooring material. You can use any likely material. Use scissors to cut a triangle and round the corners. Also available are punches that cut out the right shape.

    Also use a very thin flexible guitar pick. Latest experiment is Alaska picks. These are plastic finger picks and I put one on my index finger. They are a bit flexible so give good feel.

    I have tried felt and leather picks but did not like them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerryc41 View Post
    Del Rey often has at least one banjo pick on her fingers, usually her thumb.
    Interesting thing, I went to a Del Rey workshop the weekend before last and she put a finger pick on her finger. Actually maybe more than one. While she was doing so she said something about she was going to put them on but she did not recommend using them. She said something about needing to sound louder in the class environment and having to use them for that reason, but isn't that why anyone uses a pick, to sound louder?
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    Del told me once she doesn't recommend the thumbpick and fingerpicks she uses, because they only really work in one direction: downstrokes for thumb, upstrokes for index, middle and ring fingers. It takes a whole while to get used to that limitation, although it does work for her.

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