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    How is it done? there is an option to upload a picture file from a computer that does not work,Trying to link to a 3rd party host results in a false "forbidden spammer" message. Question to the admins, could we make this a bit more user friendly??? You can probably sense my frustration with this process.

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    Forum admins seldom read this section it seems.

    If you want a better chance of attention brought to this matter, you should click the CONTACT US link at the bottom of every page on this site, and then repost (copy/paste) your text inquiry there.

    From what I understand, when you send a comment via the CONTACT US link, those messages go directly to the moderator team, who either can act on it themselves or forward it to Rayan, who is the actual admin of the forum.

    I dont know Rayan's direct gmail address, but he had it in his signature of his posts here on UU where he has commented previously.
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    I've had good luck using and the image tool in the editor.
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