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Thread: Stringing my concert or teno to bass.

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    Default Stringing my concert or teno to bass.

    I am heading to Maui in December and do not want to take my solid body GT ME bass with me. I am taking lessons and do not want to stop practicing.

    I have a low G so I have played around a bit with my ukulele and I can change the tuning but of course some strings are loose. Is there a more successful/logical way of doing this maybe with classical guitar strings or something else? Being an octave or two higher is not an issue.
    Thanks, John
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    Possibly - what are the notes of your bass(?).

    I've used classical guitar strings on a tenor, DGBE.

    (I tried them on concert, but as soon as you leave the home chords, everything went off)
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    Hi Keith
    Basses have EADG tuning. E is the low/4th string.

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