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Thread: Plastic Tuners?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beau Hannam Ukuleles View Post
    I saw this early today and got excited for 5 seconds , then realised they are not metal. nope.
    I’m not sure that I understand what your objection really is here.

    Perhaps you believe that plastic will not be strong or durable enough for the job, if so then I share that concern but some plastics are relatively strong so maybe that issue has been properly addressed by the maker. Alternatively yet another item made of plastic is perhaps not ideal from an ecological perspective, my take on that is that so many things already are (made of plastic) that there’s plenty of scope for finding discarded plastic and recycling it - by adding found items it’s possible to recycle more plastic than you purchase. You might also like to consider that Uke nuts and saddles are often plastic too but could be bone or wood instead. Edit. Conventional friction type tuners also appear, to me, to have a lot of plastic used in them.

    If the item were available to me at a reasonable price then I think that I’d consider buying it; what’s really or more important about items is how we treat them at the end of their life. I’ve collected plenty of littered items and recycled them, so buying something of plastic is an action that I feel I can justifiably allow myself. YMMV.
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    Good bit of marketing. I'd use them. Probably gonna be unaffordable to bespoke builders though. And yes, I cannot understand the objection. There was a brilliant documentary this past week in the UK on radio about how plastic is not the enemy. There is even a company here in the UK that has developed technologies for converting plastic back to oil. And how many here use Graph-Tek nuts and saddles, nylon or fluorocarbon (sounds so much more sophisticated than plastic don't it?) strings, bubble wrap for shipping, sellotape/parcel tape for o holding stuff together, Titebond.... the list goes on. I think it's confusing if you try and somehow make your point across a very complicated subject which 'plastic' is. You'd be surprised how much of your car is plastic too... even high end BMW use it extensively.
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    I don’t think anyone has an issue with plastic for the Uke Ratio, just WHERE it’s used.

    But, it’s so cheap, if it wears out, just replace them.

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    "Theist goes on"

    Yes, don't they just!

    John Colter.

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    I have nothing against plastic. Hope they are less expensive than these.

    Not spam. I am not affiliated with them.

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