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Thread: Season 351 - Life Cycle

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    A gospel quartet for Sunday.

    Never mind the words, just hum along and keep on going...

    YouTube UkeintheHeartofTexas

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    Here we go ( :

    “In the Curve” by The Avett Brothers
    [G G]—------10-------5-----------------------------------------------------------
    ------12→10-10---7→5-5---H-2---to G chord ---------------------------------------
         G     D          G 
    I've never taken this curve
    G            D      G
    Driven this fast before
      G            D         Cmaj7            C
    A glowing stop sign, but both lanes are mine
       G           D             G
    No seat belts attached to my door
    [G D]
            G     D           G
    Well my speed meter don't work
       G            D            G
    So I'm going to guess ninety-five
         G          D           Cmaj7     C
    Well maybe I'll fix it, and maybe I won't
         G           D      G
    It depends on my being alive
    [G D]
            G         D          G
    Well my bottle of bourbon is gone
       G         D        G
    It flew away all by itself
          G        D           Cmaj7     C
    So if ever you find it, my photo behind it
       G         D          G  
    In memory of me on your shelf
    [G D]
         G         D           G
    Well it's been raining all day
        G         D           G
    And it's been raining all night
      G              D           Cmaj7        C
    A slip and slide highway and I'm moving sideways
        G              D               G
    I'm loose, but my steering wheel's tight
    [G D]
            G           D         G 
    Well my sixty-three Ford is a bull
          G             D         G
    She's four thousand pounds at least
        G        D            Cmaj7             C
    But metal surrenders when Oak trees meet fenders
        G          D                 G
    And engines go through the front seat
    [G D]
            G       D           G
    Well I lost control in the curve
          G        D              G
    And a gas line broke in the wreck
      G               D          Cmaj7          C
    I walked from the ashes with just a few scratches
       G        D          G
    My crucifix warm on my neck
    [G D]
            G             D         G
    Well my good Lord was with me tonight
         G        D         G
    Just riding beside me tonight
        G              D              Cmaj7          C
    And now we're just talking, we're hitchhiking, walking
          G          D         G
    We'll see you in Concord tonight
        G              D
    And now we're just walking
    We're hitchhiking, talking
    We'll see you 
    In Concord 
      G  C G

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    Another one now over & put to bed.

    You brought 139 videos for the playlist - thank you all for taking part this week - & thanks for your nice comments - it's been a pleasure hosting the Seasons.

    I do intend to return & join in again next year, so you haven't got rid of me completely, but I'll likely not be too regular.
    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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    Thanks so much, Keith - great rolling theme and I really enjoyed the week. Enjoy your blowy things but don’t be a stranger!

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