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Thread: Kids and ukulele

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    Default Kids and ukulele

    I am running a class for kids (3,4, & 5) graders.
    I am looking for songs they may enjoy besides “Twinkle” and similar songs. Obviously easy songs to play and sing.
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    What were called 'rounds' in my day come to mind, things like London's Burning, where the first person sings the first line, & then is joined by the second person singing the first line as the first person sings the second line, etc.
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    C/G7 songs: Wheels on the Bus, Down by the Bay, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ain't no Bugs on Me (Good one), and Guitar Cadillacs. That last one is my sanity song. Sometimes we grownups sing that one at the end just to get ourselves back. I'll bet three quarters of kids songs you can play with C and G7. I've not taught kids how to play songs, but I am part of our Raising Readers program and I accompany them every week. Sometimes they scream for a song that I've never heard, and I go to this site if I can't figure it out on the fly. They have tons of songs for that age group. Also, you will see a lot of those songs have an extra chord in them as a transition chord. You can eliminate those transitional chords and still play them. It turns a lot of the three chord songs into two chord songs if you do that.
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