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Thread: Best Uke for under $150?

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    Thanks for all the great suggestions so far!

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    I'd add to what Choirguy says, in that I believe Kmise are made by the same people/in the same factory as Enya and Aklot. That belief could be mistaken, but regardless, they are excellent ukes and come set up perfectly. And if they're not as described--which I haven't experienced--having bought them on Amazon or eBay, they can be returned easily. They have a laminate soprano that's about $40 and comes with a very nice gig bag, tuner, strap, strap buttons, and extra strings that shocked me with how good it is and how good it sounds. I gave it to a new player and she loves it. It's very easy to play. Watch for them to be heavily discounted at Christmas; they were last year.

    It's a puzzle to me how some of these Chinese companies can churn out super cheap ukes that are nonetheless well made and set up while others charge more for similar-quality ukes, and much nicer ones as well, that often as not arrive unplayable without a professional setup. But everything about our economy and Chinese products puzzles me.

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    New, its very hard to beat an Islander.

    Used, I really like Magic Fluke Company products.

    If you can get to a decent ukulele store there is no substitute for playing instruments in person.

    Among equal quality and priced ukuleles, your ear will prefer one sound to another. Its personal to a large degree.
    Playing my Magic Fluke and grinning like a fool!

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