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Thread: GCEA on a baritone, string theory

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    Hello guys,
    I suggest to read this our FAQ N 14. It is for gut strings but soes not matter which c kind of material one employ. In the case of nylon the breacking Index is 270, 260 for Nylgut.
    The product f xL (Hz of the 1st string x scale of the instrument in mt) is what can tell if a baritone can be tuned like a standard uke. The gauge afect the tension only


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    I use fishing line in order to lower the tension on my ukuleles.

    This fishing line is fluorocarbon, 25lbs and diameter is 0.435mm. This one is smaller than common 1st strings of ukuleles and classical guitars.
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    My Pono MBD baritone was my first ukulele, and I promptly switched it to GDAE tuning, since fifths are what I automatically think in and I wanted it as a stand-in for an octave mandolin. I use the Thomastik flatwound classical guitar 6th string for the low G. and it works great.

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