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Thread: Beatles Video Thread......Christmas fun!

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    Wow, I turned my head away for a couple of days and boomed, numerous new videos! Brenda, Kevin, Raftergirl, librarian, chrisschross, and pabrizzer all posted. Thank you for giving the rest of us good music to enjoy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by S11LKO View Post
    Very nice Chris's gross. Well done.
    "Chris's gross"??? Where did THAT come from???? Auto text correct on my phone I suppose!! Matey, if you've seen this I am sooooo sorry!!
    Of course, it MEANT to read 'chrisschross'.
    Damn! Am I blushing. Sorry matey.
    Luv n stuff, Dave

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    Hi everybody......Just checking the Beatles thread out after an absence of a couple of days! Just great playing and performance from everybody!

    Quote Originally Posted by SoloRule View Post
    Just thought I recycle this video to help keep this Beatles thread going while everyone is probably busy Christmas shopping

    Thanks again Brenda........your support is immeasurable. Again that lovely clean and playing and video of yours......Wonderful. What Ukulele is that you are playing. I could not quite see the headstock!

    Quote Originally Posted by good_uke_boy View Post
    This video is from my first public performance at an open mic. Thankfully, my wife joined me, and she can sing!

    Lovely again good_uke_boy. I was waiting for somebody to play this great harrison song. Not only are you blessed with a talented son but your wife also..........She did great! Open mics are probably the hardest platforms to perform on. No warm ups or green rooms. Bang you are straight on. They are never easy. You guys did a great job

    Quote Originally Posted by RafterGirl View Post
    Sorry this took awhile. I got called for jury duty on my day off this week. I threw this together last night after work, so it's kind of rough. I wasn't familiar with this song, but I learned it at a ukulele festival last summer and really liked it. I believe it was written by Paul and was on the Revolver album. The original was played in a "bouncier" rhythm, but I like it played more mellow since it's actually a pretty sad song about a relationship break-up.

    RafterGirl. It's great to hear you again and so glad somebody decided to perform this song. I thought it was a wonderful effort. This is another Beatles under the radar song that I love. Looking forward to hearing more if you are up for it!

    Quote Originally Posted by librainian View Post
    I'm really enjoying all the creative arrangements being shared here. I have saved quite a few to try! Thanks to everyone who has participated.

    Here's my arrangement of "Don't Let Me Down" i did for baritone a while back.

    Wow......I thought this is great. your vocal style song choice and masterful accompaniment had me enthralled all the way through...........just brilliant!!

    Just really great stuff from everbody!

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    Quote Originally Posted by librainian View Post
    Erivel and UkuleleDaddy helped me out with this one. Eric brought the magic though!

    "All You Need Is Love"

    Just when I was enjoying your other video, this one popped up. You guys are really good.....I mean really good. You are on it......I hope you do more. Just great!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by chrisschross View Post
    Great version of Nowhere Man, I really like your strumming and Juanita Banana blows the harp like a pro!

    I play in a little acoustic trio called the Kitchen Kings. I play uke and tenor guitar, our singer also plays guitar, and our bass player hauls a double bass to our rare gigs. For the recording of You've got to hide your Love away I bought a tin whistle and learned to play the istrumental melody:

    Quote Originally Posted by chrisschross View Post
    I must confess that I disvovered this thread only now and didn't have the time to watch all the videos. But I will do that...
    The first video reminded me, that I had also recorded Here,there and everywhere, but I did it as an instrumental with my mandolin and a fingerpicked low g uke:
    Great playing and love the tremolo on the mandolin. If that was your first effort on a tin whistle I would love to hear you after a couple of weeks! Really well recorded and played.

    Quote Originally Posted by pabrizzer View Post
    So enjoy your work Andrew. Sure hope you're going to share your wonderful version of ComeTogether with the folks here..

    Here's another one of mine from quite a while ago. I think 'Sockie' is included because we had to include a puppet in our vid.

    Pabrizzer, you have a really distinctive laid back vocal style that I love. You brought something else from this that the original never had. Excellent...........Sockie was a star also......lovely stuff!

    Thinking that a lot of people have been influenced by the Beatles......They were a game changer!

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