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Thread: Necks!! Drop your 2 cents here..

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    I congratulate this thread. I didn't even realize that this was a thing. I just pick up the ukulele and play. Even with my bespoke ukulele I didn't customize my neck. However I have really enjoyed vicariously living through other people's passion for necks in this thread. I don't think I understand the varieties of necks and what I would like in a neck, but I am enjoying learning
    I did not think much (I did not like some necks but did not know what I liked) till I owned the Compass Rose. It is unfortunate Rick Tuner is no longer active in these forums, I would congratulate him on an awesome ukulele!! I should do a NUD with sound samples.

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    As I said in my earlier post. I've never paid attention to the neck, but after examining my ukes, I like what I have. Their necks are wide and shallow. My kamaka's neck isn't perfectly round; it feels like its edges a bevel to them. I do have a Kala baritone which is my clunker and its neck is very round and a little bit deeper. And of course my tenor guitar has a weird neck: it is thin but deeper than my others. It is almost bulbous.

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