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Thread: End Graft?

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    [QUOTE=jcalkin;2119238]Here's a simple router jig for end grafts. I made a simpler table saw jig for making the graft pieces.

    Thank You

    I love that diamond inlay on the back

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kekani View Post
    I had a jig similar to John's, which works well. Now I do it similar to Dave and Mike. I use the actual end graft and treat it like an inlay, by scribing outside the end graft then chiseling out. I used to route it out, but it's just too easy to do it by hand.

    Unlike Mike, I use the wider end to scribe as I add in purfling lines.

    Unlike Dave and Mike, I do mine after the body is routed for bindings, again, because of the purfling.
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    Do you make your binding?

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    OK, so my second attempt worked a lot better.

    How do you brace the ukulele when chiseling out the graft? It took a fair amount of clamp pressure to keep the board still while I was doing this.

    The second problem that I didnít think out very well. The top and back are already glued on so if I add a graft now the grains will show.
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    Just make your binding/purfling combination a hair wider than the graft and you'll be fine. Or leave it as is and call it a "feature."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve-atl View Post

    Do you make your binding?
    I think most of us make our own.
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