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Thread: Uke Storage - Hanging?

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    Default Uke Storage - Hanging?

    Do you hang your ukes on the wall?

    The only uke I have hanging on the wall is a small one I converted into a clock. I don't like the idea of a good ukulele hanging on the wall getting dusty. I store mine in hard cases.

    I always have a couple in their cases next to my chair in the living room

    Aside from that, I don't have an appropriate wall to hang them on. The KoAloha wall pictured below would be just a start for my collection.

    Clock Uke.jpg

    Koaloha Wall of Ukes.jpg
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    A suitable wood molding and wood pole will do the job:IMG_2575.jpg

    The climate in here (Denmark) is not a problem for solid wood ukes.
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    I hang all my instruments. Climate here is also not an issue and I like having them at the ready. As for dust, I play them all regularly and wipe them down when I am done, so I don’t worry about it. I too use a simple wood molding board but I use string-swing padded instrument hooks.

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    I hang all my instruments. Climate/humidity is not a problem where I live, and I also wipe them down.
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    I would love to hang my ukes on the wall. Also live in the mild Danish climate.
    Even have some "string swings" that I haven't hung yet.

    Problem is that the "music room" in the basement have some cladding on the walls not suitable to screw them into. I havent quite convinced the missus that they should hang in the living room.
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    In winter I hang some of them in my basement office on the wall in large zip lock plastic storage bags. Taped to the inside of the bags is a zip lock sandwich bag with dozens of holes punched in the sides. Inside of that is half a small kitchen sponge damped with distilled water. This system allows for easy access as well as protection from dust and the low humidity in my house.

    It works so well that I tuck even the daily players into humidified bags, case and all... though not typically hanging on the wall. They're just kinda laying around wherever we're not likely to stumble over them or sit on them.
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    I hang mine in a humidity controlled display cabinet I made from one shelf of my bookshelf. They hang on hooks from above with a Martin neck strap extension that is attached to the tuners (no, there's no strain on them). There are two water trays below with lids that I open or close depending on the humidity showing on two hygrometers, an analog and a digital. I sealed all the seams with door weather stripping and had lexan doors doors made at Lowe's.

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    I keep all my instruments, ukes and everything else, in their cases in the spare bedroom that's strictly off limits to our cats. Not on the wall, because I prefer to use the cases. (But there's no free wall space anyway, so it's moot.)

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    I had most of mine on floor stands around the music room until the Earth tilted or somethin’, and the sun now comes streaming in the windows around noonish every day. My sopranos are hangin on a wall but outta the sun beams.

    Now, most of my instruments are in gig bags or cases until the Earth shifts back. The gig bags,etc. keep the dust off ‘em and guard against scratches, but gig bags unfortunately look like gig bags — Ahh, well . . .

    We coulda had a Tsunami or a giant forest fire or an Earth splitting earthquake or a . . . Nevermind.
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    Cases and gig bags for me. All in the bedroom as it is the only climate controlled room in the house. They are beside the bed by an interior wall. I kinda like the cases as no two are the same. And, it is like opening a jewelry box to take out the ukulele.
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