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Thread: Post your New Year Uke Goal!! Happy New Year 2019!!

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    For becoming more comfortable playing in front of others a big get together is good. There is a monthly group in my city, over 70 people. No on can hear what chord i play. Some are professional musicians and some only now four chords but everyone is just having fun. Its at a bar which helps.
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    1. Get comfortable with chord names on ukulele (I am still thinking as a guitarist then transposing)
    2. Play ukulele every day, even if it is only for a few minutes
    3. Finish learning Jake Shimbukuru's version of Bohemium Rhapsody
    4. Learn all the Beatles song in this book
    5. Build more ukes. Give some away to friends and family.
    6. Consider going to the big Ukulele Festival in Hawaii. If not this year, definitely next year.
    7. Hook up with local uke and guitar builders
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