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Thread: SW Florida Groups?

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    Default SW Florida Groups?

    Aloha Kākou ʻUkulele ʻOhana,
    I am rapidly approaching retirement age, and checking our savings and investment it looks like the wife and I will not have enough kālā to live comfortably here in Hawaiʻi. I figure that if we sell our house here and move to SW Florida where my kid sis lives I could purchase a house there for less than a quarter the cost of what I can sell my home on windward Oʻahu and invest the rest allowing my wife and I to live out our sunset years in relative comfort.
    Now to the point: Are there any ʻukulele groups in Punta Gorda, Cape Coral, or North Fort Myers? Iʻd even consider Port Charlotte but not sure about Tampa, depends on how lazy Iʻm feeling about driving. One hour of driving is far for this island boy. Mahalo nui for you input.
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    Hi Anhko Honu! I have a mixed jam every Wed morning on Lemon Bay in downtown Olde Englewood (next to Port Charlotte). We do have alot of ukers but all instruments are welcome. Futher north in Nokomis (just north of Venice), there is a ukulele beach jam every Mon morning. Also some in Sarasota and Tampa, but thatís getting a bit far, depending where you settle. Iím not aware of anything going on in the Punta Gorda/Cape Coral/FtMyers area.

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    I live in Pinellas County, across Tampa Bay from Tampa. I don't know how you feel about this area, but this is the home of TBUS, Tampa Bay Ukulele Society.
    Not to take anything away from Bunny....but we are loaded with activities. If you land near Bunny, you will still be close enough to us to take in some of it.
    Coming up:
    World Ukulele Day free concert and celebration. Feb 2
    Uka-Palooza at the FL state fair. Feb 9
    Workshops, jam sessions, and open mics galore!
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    Hi Ahnko!

    I spend a fair amount of time in Punta Gorda (I have a house in Burnt Store). If you end up in that area, feel free to contact me. We could meet up down at the marina (Cass Cay has a deck on the water), or trek a bit north to Lemon Bay to Bunnyf's jam group.

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