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Thread: Season 360 - Celebrating a Year of Music

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    yes, i was thinking the playlist will be a very useful guide for everyone this week

    metal guru is it you?

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    Well I think Steve is a hero for his efforts last year... and it's a few days until David Bowie' s birthday and the anniversary of his death, so I figure this is a good place to start. Nathan wanted to join in too and actually sang the song for once.

    "Even on a cloudy day, I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun"

    "But I heard voices, Not in the head, out in the air, they called to me. Through record speakers, through thick and thin, they found a shelter, beneath my skin"

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    Song #361
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    Great idea Andy.
    I read up on Steve's effort.A great artistic and charitable achievement.Beats me how he still made time to comment on others videos too.One of the good guys.
    Happy to see this on his list.

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    Season 360. Submission 1. "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" (Written by Paul Anka and recorded by Buddy Hollly, 1958)

    In his 365 Songs project, Steve posted this one on January 24, 2018.

    Thank you for hosting and your fine theme, Andy, and thank you for your inspirational presence among us, Steve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bird's eye view of my ukelele View Post
    wonderful theme idea! steve has done an amazing thing, for a great cause, how lovely to celebrate this in a season!

    the no repeat thing is a great extra element of challenge, but i do wonder if it might be a bit brutal for people who take the week to bring us a gorgeous and beautifully worked up masterpiece, they might not find out a song has already been done, until it's too late for them to change tack... i hope if that happens to anyone, they'll let us know, and put their version on the island so we can still enjoy
    Exactly my problem. It takes me most of the week to get s song to an acceptable standard unless I already know it. I probably shan't bother unless I find one I want to learn anyway.
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    Isabel makes love upon national monuments. (Steve #288)

    Isabel makes love upon national monuments
    With style and enthusiasm and anyone at all.
    Isabel's done Stonehenge and the Houses of Parliament,
    But so far little Isabel's never played the Albert Hall.
    Many a monolith has seen Isabel,
    Her bright hair in turmoil, her breasts' surging swell.
    But unhappy Albert, so far denied
    The bright sight of Isabel getting into her stride.
    The Forth Bridge, The Cenotaph, Balmoral and Wembley.
    The British Museum and the House of Lords.
    So many ticks in her National Trust catalogue,
    But so far the Royal Albert Hall has not scored.
    Countless cathedrals can now proudly show
    Where Isabel's white shoulder blades have briefly reposed.
    Miserable Albert, still waiting for
    The imprint of Isabel on his parquet floor.
    In Westminster Abbey she lay upon a cold tombstone,
    The meat in a sandwich of monumental love,
    With old po-faced Wordsworth unblinking beneath
    And a bright-eyed young Arch-Deacon breathless above.
    Many a stony faced statue has flickered its eyes
    And swayed to the rhythm of her little panting cries.
    But oh! wretched Albert never yet has known
    Isabel's pretty whinnying echo round his dome.
    On the last night of the Promenades she waved to the conductor
    And there and then on the podium, with scarcely a pause,
    With a smile and a bow and a loud "Rule Britannia!"
    He completed her collection to enormous applause.
    Rapturous Albert now knows full well
    He's captured forever elusive Isabel.
    Prettily dishevelled but firmly installed
    And faithfully for evermore to the Royal Albert Hall.
    No more frantic scramblings up the dome of St. Pauls.
    No more dank rambles on Hadrian's Wall.
    With style and enthusiasm and anyone at all,
    Isabel makes love in the Royal Albert Hall.
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    As there was not U2 on the list, here is my take on Johnny Cash - I still miss someone (Steve #251).
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    I've always loved Blondie, and I wore this 45 record out when it first came out. I wish Dwight Yoakam would have covered this when he was big, would have fit him perfect, and I can hear fiddles doing the lead section. This was a very quick work up and take, so it's a bit rough. I pretty much just figured out the lead section notes then hit record.

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    Well, I might as well do the one that I started with on Jan 1st last year - and I haven't looked at it since. A bit of Velvet Underground. - 365 songs in 365 days, raising funds for SolarAid

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