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Thread: Aching left thumb knuckles

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    Quote Originally Posted by olphart View Post
    Another possibility is the "A" word. That's what happens to my arthritic thumb after a few minutes of playing, particularly with lots of bar chords
    I'm afraid that could be a factor. I'm "only" 51, but I haven't been kind to my hands through the years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DymnDog View Post
    Thank you. It pretty much hurts no matter what I play. I have a 1920's Soprano Banjo Ukulele, a cheapish concert, and recently treated myself to a KoAloha Tenor. I haven't noticed that one causes pain any more than another.
    I was having a problem with my left thumb which was caused by my grip. It didn’t matter which ukulele I played, I have the same size selection of ukuleles that you have. (Nice catch on that 20’s soprano banjolele.)
    I changed my grip. Maybe you could try some hand exercises and possibly a fingerless glove for you left hand.
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