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Thread: Season 362 - Travelling with the Wilburys

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    Default Season 362 - Travelling with the Wilburys

    Travelling with the Wilburys

    This season we go on a musical journey with ‘The Travelling Wilburys’, a super group consisting of some of my all time great heroes: Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty. Individually super performers and boy did they come together as a group as well.

    This season I would like you to bring songs from either The Travelling Wilburys as a group or written and performed by the members in their respective bands or individually.

    As George Harrison obviously was a member of a certain supergroup I don’t want this season to be about the Beatles songs, so no Lennon/McCartney tunes, only songs from The Beatles written by George Harrison himself but please dig into his fabulous solo albums as well.

    George Harrison was a huge fan of the banjolele and so is Jeff Lynne, so if you have one in your collection, this is the season to bring it. If you haven’t seen their little jam, here it is (starts at 1:54):

    Other rules:
    1 song per day limit and please mix it up, so when you have covered a song by a member of the group, move onto another member, but feel free to include some of the fabulous songs from the two Travelling Wilburys albums as well. The Saturday and second Sunday in the season won't have any limits.

    Originals are welcome. Please make them about travel, or playing music together or about someone called Wilbur, Tom, Jeff, George, Bob or Roy. Originals are outside of the song limit rules.

    Usual rules apply. Starting Sunday 12am Hawaii time and goes for 8 days finishing the following Sunday 12am. The songs must be newly recorded for season 362.

    Multi tracking and a mix of instrumentals are fine, as are collaborations. Ukulele to be the dominant instrument.

    Please remember to comment on each others songs.

    Oh yes, there will be prices this season!!!

    I wish you all good luck and hope you have fun on your musical journey with The Travelling Wilburys.


    PS. Remember to do a few more fab Scandi songs before moving on to this season - I know that I will…


    BREAKING NEWS! I have decided that 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' is also outside of the daily upload allowance/limit, so keep them coming! Love that song and it was one of the first I was playing on my guitar as a teen and can still remember.
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    Super cool theme!
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    Holy crap, you've opened the Tom Petty floodgate, among others!

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    Great theme Mads - George Harrison and Jeff Lynne, in spite of their success, are still two of the most underrated musical talents this country has ever produced. If all goes to plan I might surprise you a bit with one of my songs this time - not sure how legal it’ll be, but then again that’s never stopped the bad boy of the Seasons, Trent, from chancing his arm! Hope I’ll manage to do it now!

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    Super theme Mads!
    Here's an original with a travelling theme-"Travellin' North".But I'm a fan of all those guys so i hope to get some covers in too.

    From out of nowhere
    Via no fixed plan
    The ghost of Hank whispered
    You’re a ramblin’ man

    Now I’m travellin’ north
    In the heat of the day
    A waterfall kisses
    The dust away

    In Bundaberg I was cutting some cane
    For Whipcrack George he was jealous insane
    When his wife winked at me
    It was time to move
    Time to move on

    Travellin’ north
    A seed on the wind
    No rhyme or reason
    No traceable sin

    I met a man whose feet had turned to stone
    He said I’m dying here and I’m dying alone
    Keep moving son,
    keep moving on

    Travellin’ north
    To the logical end
    Sky is my witness
    Road is my friend

    Travellin’ north

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    Perfect theme, I'm looking forward to what everybody brings. One from George Harrison to start with.

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    Another Weeping Guitar - well baritone ukulele actually.....

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    Here's a bit of hastily put-together Bob Dylan

    "Even on a cloudy day, I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun"

    "But I heard voices, Not in the head, out in the air, they called to me. Through record speakers, through thick and thin, they found a shelter, beneath my skin"

    "I can't rock around the tree unless you rock around with me"

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    This was written by U2 for Roy, here is my take on: She's a Mystery to Me by Roy Orbison.
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    I Won't Back Down, by Tom Petty. We've played this a million times in our band (me on rhythm guitar/backup vocals), here it is on uke.

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