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Thread: Ever buy 2 of the same uke?

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    Default Ever buy 2 of the same uke?

    Ever buy 2 of the same uke, to keep at the same time?

    I have a Cordoba 24T-CE, solid cedar top and spalted maple lam B&S. Sure, it's no K-brand, but to my ears, it has great tone and volume, and the 1.5" wide nut allows me to play very accurately. Plus, you can grab one off eBay for about $125.00 shipped. Mine is in low G, and I like it so much, I'm thinking of getting another, non-cutaway, to keep as my high G tenor.

    How about you? Any double doses of the same uke, and if so, why?


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    Yes. About six years ago I bought a limited-run Takamine laminate tenor. I love it. When I had had it for about a week I decided that I needed a spare, either in case anything happened to the first one or to be strung low-G. Alas, they were no longer available. I’ve been looking for one ever since, and miracle of miracles, I found one last year.

    I have two Kala acacia concerts.

    I also have two identical Enya concerts. I forget exactly how that happened, but they were something like $25 each so I kept both.

    I have high- and low-G Cocobolo concerts and high- and low-G Cocobolo tenors.
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    IMHO, alternate tunings are a perfectly good reason to have a duplicate model of a uke that you love.
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    Yep, for almost 2 years I had 2 Magic Fluke Fleas with upgraded fretboard and tuners, one blue and one designer. One high G, one low G.
    I sold my high G when I got my Koaloha.
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    If my Kala solid cedar top came on soprano I'd snatch it up. I bought a tenor that turned out to be too big for me so managed to trade with someone here for a concert. Love it! If I needed to have exactly same model in your scenario, then I wouldn't mind having one for low g

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    How about 60 of the same ukulele? (I'm a teacher).
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    You know, I was literally just thinking about this as I was playing my beloved Deering banjolele this evening. What if it’s discontinued?! What if they change the neck that’s currently so perfect for my stubby fingers? Should I get another just in case?!

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    Almost identical. One Makala dolphin in orange sunburst and a teal Makala shark. Love these fun and playable ukes!

    Also Koaloha concert siblings KCM-00 and KCM-10 so I can have both in two tunings. The former is high G and latter, low G.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ukecaster View Post
    Ever buy 2 of the same uke, to keep at the same time?


    How about you? Any double doses of the same uke, and if so, why?
    I’ve had a succession of 2nd hand Dolphins the earlier ones of which I gave away to various folk - it gave them something to play and (at the time) it gave me space for something else. My remaining Dolphin is my beater and a nice enough player (really pleased with it now its been ‘sorted’) but I can’t think of a use for a second one - every time I see a cheap one on eBay I try to think of reasons why I need another one but each time I fail.

    At one time I had an old Lanikai LU21-P and a newer Kala KA-P at the same time, they were near identical and the later was - to the best of my knowledge - a development of the former. With the exception of string influence they played very similar. My instinct was that the LU-21P was too fragile to be kept and used as a beater so I sold it to make way for something tougher, in hindsight I wish I’d kept it and just used it regardless of the possible damage to it. Maybe I’d have broken the LU21-P and maybe I wouldn’t, but in the meantime it would have been a better player than my (good) Dolphin.

    I’m glad that you posted your comment about duplicate Ukes, it’s got me thinking and maybe the next time I see a bargain priced Uke that’s the same or similar to one that I already like I might well press the buy button. A familiar playing beater, or something familiar that’s just differently strung, could be really useful.
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    But I do have very similar ukes of various sizes.

    But since I found a type of uke that really seems to be 'me', I bought another very similar, but different make & wood, & am often tempted when I come across another similar type - long neck concert.

    (So far I have resisted, because I have too many ukes, really.......I have...... )
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