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Thread: HMS and Uke Republic

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    ^^^ I take it as...she's not carrying Pono anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UkerDanno View Post
    ^^^ I take it as...she's not carrying Pono anymore.
    I hope someone verifies that, since to me it could simply mean out of stock. That doesn't make me right, though.

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    I live on Oahu so I am a bit more familiar with HMS than with other dealers.

    HMS has the broadest selection of Pono's, and a goodly selection of Kalas, as well as several other uke brands.

    The HMS website gives very detailed specifications on every uke they sell. Also, almost every listing for each indiviual uke offers a sound demonstration by an expert player. Their sound samples are completely dry with no added reverb or compression.

    In the past I have bought 2 ukes from Mim -- a Kala baritone & an Ohana long-neck concert. Both were superbly set-up, in pristine condition, with speedy delivery to Hawaii.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frets alot View Post
    I've purchased all my ukes from my local music store. I'm considering my next purchase from HMS or UR. I pretty sure either would be just fine, but just checking. I understand HMS does a full set-up. Does UR also do full set-ups? Thoughts on either/both store/s?
    Any other store to consider (I'm leaning Pono or Kala)?
    Hi - Mike here from Uke Republic,
    I just wanted to let you know that yes, we do a full - Pro set up on everything we ship out. Both Pono and Kala make some excellent baritones. The Pono stock has gotten a little low since Koolau their parent company, has ran out of a few models but according to John the owner, more are due in March/April. They will have some sweet thin body mango baritones coming in natural, charcoal, blue and red translucent stains.
    Kala will have some new solid spruce top models with both ebony and exotic mahogany back and sides coming out late spring. Plenty of other Kala models available.

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    I've had great experiences with HMS and Mike at the Uke Republic. It's consoling to know that they will both take good care of their customers (and their customer's ukes).

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